The PEACE PLAN is a capital campaign to build the CBIHP Community CenterCBIHP needs your help to build a community center. The CBIHP Community Center will be located at 400 S. Lee Ave. in Tahlequah, OK. This Cherokee Community Center will be the first step in bringing a positive change to the surrounding underprivileged neighborhoods. CBIHP plans to do this by PEACE:


P reserve the Native American Narrative.

E ducate children about Cherokee culture & history.

A llow kids to have pride in their community.

C reate a Center for a community in need.

E stablish a safe place for family friendly events.


The PEACE Plan is how we will build an invincible community. Give PEACE a chance.

Invest in our community. Help build the CBIHP Community Center. Your help is the key to the PEACE Plan. Please do your part to support the PEACE PLAN.