About Us


The CBIHP began as a Cherokee Community based organization in January 2014. Cherokees for Black Indian History Preservation Foundation(CBIHP) became a non-profit foundation in March 2015 and acquired our 501c3 in April 2015. 

CBIHP is a Cherokee history and culture organization . We are also a participant in The Cherokee Nation Community & Cultural Outreach Program. CBIHP was awarded the Cherokee Nation Non-profit organization of the year award on June 10th, 2017. CBIHP foundation seeks to preserve all Cherokee history and culture. The foundation's focus is on Black Indian History because it is not well known and is being lost. CBIHP members with the help of Cherokee historian Karen 'Coody' Cooper edited the book 'Oklahoma Black Cherokees" which was released on August 28, 2017.  CBIHP's goal is to educate everyone about Native American HistoryCBIHP's future plans to educate include but are not limited to  a book, a curriculum, a documentary, building a community center, establishing a Tahlequah Museum and community outreach programs such as the  Green Country Roots Festival. CBIHP invites all people that are interested in Native American History to join us.


CBIHP  Mission Statement & Purpose-

Cherokees for Black Indian History Preservation Foundation (CBIHP) Mission Statement:      To preserve the Native American Narrative with primary emphasis on understanding Black Indian history.



To keep Native American history and culture alive through education, promotion, and community outreach for present and future generations. Dedicated to sharing our knowledge through film, literature, music and spoken word. To honor our ancestors.


Why  CBIHP ? - This section consists of CBIHP volunteers & members telling why they are involved with the  CBIHP Foundation and what it means to them personally.


I have always tried to incorporate the mix of Native American and African American into my son's  life due to if you see him you would just assume he is African American. This brings me to share with you how much CBIHP means to me and my family. Cherokees for Black Indian History Preservation cares and provides to help spread the word that they are not just African American they are Native American and carry on the traditions our ancestors brought us up with.  This group has also let me volunteer and uses my hours to help me get a scholarship for college.  I am very thankful to be part of the C.B.I.H.P.

                                                        Jennifer Cheater, CBIHP Volunteer


I am a Cherokee Citizen and have lived in Tahlequah, OK most of my life.  I have worked for Cherokee Nation for over 22 years.  Wilma P. Mankiller was Chief when I first started there.  I've often heard of the "Freedmen" issue.  Although I have always believed "Freedmen" should remain citizens of the Cherokee Nation, I was never taught the actual history of Black Cherokees.  Until I met Ty Wilson.  He was in the beginning stages of organizing what is now CBIHP Foundation.  Not only did he tell me about Black Cherokee History, he showed me how he verified the facts.  I was disappointed in myself for never taking the time to research these things.  I started helping anyway I could.  It didn't take long for me sharing what I had learned to become my passion.  I tell everyone that will listen and some that don't want to hear it.  The truth is not always easy for some.  Most have been taught false history or not taught anything about Black Cherokees at all.  I don't know everything.  We find new data all the time but I do know the things I was told are false.  It's my responsibility as a CBIHP member, a Cherokee Citizen, a Community member, an Oklahoman, and  a citizen of the United States to share the true history of the Black Cherokee with everyone I possibly can.  We must ensure future generations know the true history, preserve it, and protect it.  

                                                        Anita Christie, CBIHP Board Treasurer            



CBIHP is the brainchild of my brother, my sister, an my nephew.  It came about in the backroom of my mother's house.  Our purpose is to let people know who we are as Cherokee Citizens and to preserve our history.  I will do whatever I can to make sure their legacy will continue on to educate and teach those that don't know our history.

                                                        Joe E. Wilson Sr., CBIHP Board President


I am a founding member and supporter of CBIHP Foundation.  My objective is to educate my children and grandchildren on their Cherokee Heritage.  Hopefully they can be better informed of where they truly come from than I was growing up.  Our ancestors were born and lived in Cherokee Territory and Cherokee Nation for well over 100 years.

                                                         Troy Wilson Sr., CBIHP Co-Founder